Friday, July 8, 2016

7 Reasons Why LED Tubes are Better than Fluorescent Tubes

One of the best energy savings and cost reduction retrofits you can do is to replace your existing fluorescent tubes with LED tubes. Here are the top 6 benefits of doing the conversion

1. Lower energy consumption. Converting from a 4ft T8 32 Watt fluorescent tube to a 15 Watt LED Tube saves you 50%+ on your utility bill for the power consumed by lighting. Fluorescent tubes need a ballast to operate, and ballasts consume about 15% extra over the 32 watts the tube consumes (about 4 watts)

2. Lower maintenance costs.
LED Tubes are rated for about 50,000 hours of life and warrantied for 5 years (DLC Qualified). If your office runs lights 10 hours a day and average 20 working days a month, your LED tubes will work for over 17 years. 

3. Reduced AC Load.
LED runs cool. LED Tubes run cooler than fluorescent tubes. You will require less AC to offset the heat generated by fluorescent tubes and ballasts. 

4. Unbreakable. They are the perfect replacement for shatterproof fluorescent tubes. Be careful though, some of the new LED tubes are glass tubes, make sure you purchase the plastic tubes for this application.

5. Flicker Free. Fluorescent tubes flicker. This flickering has many health issues associated with it, including:

    - headaches
    - eyestrain
    - seizures (epilepsy)
LED Tubes do not flicker. The older a fluorescent tube gets, the more likely it is to flicker and strobe.

6. No Mercury. Fluorescent tubes contain mercury. Drop a fluorescent tube and that's a problem. Read what the EPA thinks of what you should do to clean up a fluorescent tube after it breaks. LED Tubes do not contain mercury

7. No humming. Ballasts hum, the older they are, the more they make noise. LED tubes do not hum

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