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Before you buy - Some thought on purchasing LED Lights

It isn't news in spending less in your lights bill that LED is becoming the new standard. But with every new technology, the choices are rich and endless, and occasionally smart advertising conceals what actually is significant. Its simple, if you comprehend the technology. If your new to the technology, you must try to ascertain what is or isn't unimportant. Which makes the purchase choice even harder for those attempting to navigate this labyrinth of specifications and merchandise availability. And to confound the consumer more, there's lots of data being presented that isn't created based on any consented to standard. Read 10 distinct product leaflets on what the marketers consider is the appropriate remedy to replace 1000W Metal-Halide and everything will be read by you from a low as 24,000 lumens to 65,000 lumens. Or what one producer calls day white is than what another producer believes day white is complete different. The best guidance is walk through precisely the same procedure when we choose our products to sell we do. We look for efficacy, functionality, quality and great engineering. Let us break that down to what that means.
The LED Litmus Test

Are the LED Lamps UL or ETL Qualified. This can be the security evaluation. No one needs an unsafe product. The merchandise must not be unable to perform with no potential for danger. Are Energy Star or the bulbs DLC Rated? DLC (DLC) is a performance standard which makes sure the lamps are efficient and perform at a high standard. Recently the standard was expanded to include light controls, although it usually employs just to LED bulbs. Energy Star is a consumer standard that applies to many products including little LED screw in light bulbs. DLC didn't have a provision for screw in light bulbs, but has lately shifted to permit some screw in LED light bulbs although up until lately.

Are the factories ISO Capable? A lot are not, a lot say they're but are not. Some will say they abide by the ISO standards. What does that mean? Some will think of their own marketing buzz words that seem have become intelligent and great on paper, but are not ISO certified. To us, we are given the reassurance the products we provide our customers are assembled and analyzed within an exacting and consistent way with minimal number of danger of failure by ISO certificate.

The LED Efficiency Standard

What exactly is this? Well it really is efficacy, and the measurement, or a discussion of LED Effectiveness is called lumens/watt. Or how many lumens are you able to create from 1 watt of power. A lumen is a measurement of lighting fixture which is standard across all lighting fixture sources. With LED, efficiency is all over the graphs. The technology has been around for quite a while, and you are able to locate efficacy including under 100 lumens per watt if you examine the access to merchandise. The efficiency merchandise that is lower is commonly more value. But when you are doing the mathematics on how much is being spent on process over the life of the LED fixture, the savings in decreased energy spend immediately overshadow the savings at purchase time.
The difference in LED efficiency is growing so severe it is sensible to do payback evaluation between LED products. Case in point, our extremely efficient LED Retrofit Kits are at present available up to 165 lumens/watt. Two of our principal competitors are selling merchandise watt and 110 lumens/watt. The amount of cash you'll save in decreased energy consumption over the life of the merchandise is staggering. And we're of the belief that you will be converting over from Metal-Halide to conserve cash. Why not save all the money you can by getting the merchandise that is the most productive?

So just how can you begin to identify the merchandise that is the most productive? Two manners.

DLC Capable Merchandise. But only seeing DLC isn't enough. DLC is a standard of efficacy and performance. But there are DLC Premium, DLC Standard and 2 degrees. The DLC Premium Standard is the more efficient of the 2 standards. Products in DLC Premium are 20 % more efficient than DLC Standard. In the example above, our retrofit kits at 165 lumens per watt are 40% more efficient. Look for these two symbols and more to the point, try to find the DLC Premium Symbol. All our LED Retrofit Kits are DLC Premium Qualified.

2 Computing lumens per watt. Some sellers, and yet its simple will not provide this info. If you need to compute lumens/watt, take the number of lumens they record and divide it by the number of watts it uses up. So if 10,000 is produced by a LED Lighting Fixture lumens and uses up 100 watts Recall, anything in the 80-110 lumens per watt range is generally technology that is old
Color Temperature

Among the other issues we see is customers do not comprehend color temperature. Its not untypical for a homeowner to visit a Home Depot store and buy a LED lightbulb only find it it and to bring it home blue or too yellow. And if you have a look at the packaging, it is all confusing. You hear terms like Day White, or Natural White or Cool White in the place of talk in the universal language of color temperature. What does all this mean?

Here is an easy guide on which you should decide for what program

2600-3400K is a great option for a property program.

3900-4600K is a superb option for an office surroundings

4900-5600K is an excellent option for a fitness center, factory, warehouse or airport hangar

6000K+ is an excellent option for a jewelry store or in some lab surroundings.

The Guarantee - Read the small print

Another bit of advertising is the notion of merchandise guarantee. Once more, you're able to use DLC as your guideline. Being a DLC Capable Merchandise, they can be required to come with a 5 year guarantee. Obviously, it'd be excellent of the guarantee fine print was all no nonsense, as they'ren't consistently the situation. We've learned the actual narratives of 5 and 10 year guarantees that never get carried out because somehow there's always a claim that the mistake was due to installation error. Or the guarantees that promise which you must send the merchandise in if the problem is really a guarantee issue and it'll be established. We call the "10 year hope guarantee" because it's necessary to expect they'll process the guarantee claim. With our retrofit kits, follow the directions, keep them dry, and that is about it. You might be covered.

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