Friday, September 23, 2016

Why Quality Industrial Flood Lights Are Not Optional

In the world of industrial lighting we have a variety of different types of fixtures. From high bays, area lights, to flood lights. The commercial and industrial lighting market has a wide variety of lights that fit almost any business, facility, or even government projects that need lighting.

This post we go over the importance of high quality commercial flood lights, specifically in the industrial lighting world. This will allow you to get a broader knowledge base behind commercial lighting and more specifically the flood lights.

More quality, more security. Typically industrial flood lights are used outdoors to light up the property. Without some quality flood lights to illuminate your property, you put your security at risk. Darkness allows for people to hide easier, move without being seen, and most importantly doesn’t allow any camera system you may have in place to capture faces at full capacity. It’s bad enough that cameras at night time have a tough time capturing people's faces; imagine what quality lighting would do? It would allow you to better identify anyone on or near your property all by just upgrading to quality lighting.

Better curb appeal. If you have a business where it’s crucial to keep your business front appealing to the public (typically any retail location), you will find that with higher quality lighting will increase your locations curb appeal. It will make your products look better, it will make you look more professional, and most importantly it will appeal customers to come and stay longer.

They can withstand more. Cheap lights break, as with anything. If you cheap out (as you probably already know), you can’t depend on it. When you go with higher end technologies (like LED) you opt-in for better systems that can withstand more. When it comes to flood lights for your business, they are typically outside and up against the elements. Depending on where you are located this could be hurricanes, snow, cold, hot, or a mixture of all of those and more. High end floods are seriously a requirement for this reason alone; because if you cheap out you will find yourself replacing your lights often and having to pay a lot more in the long run replacing all of your broken lights.

Quality lasts longer. We’ve found that out of all the technologies on the market; LED is seemingly not only the longest lasting but just overall the best technology for commercial purposes. Specifically regarding this point; LED can last upwards of 50,000 hours where lights like metal halide and HPS last 10,000-20,000 hours on average. The lifespan is visibly longer on average, which is great for a lot of reasons. 1) You don’t need to buy as many replacement lights. 2) You can reduce maintenance costs by less frequent retrofitting of your fixtures. What other reasons do you need? Those two alone account for just a fraction of the savings benefits that quality LED products can bring to your facility or store.

Use less energy. High end technologies are more efficient by nature. They offer more lumens per watt, which allows for you to use less energy while getting the same amount of light (or more). Efficient products can save you up to 50% or more in energy costs; which can prove to literally save your bottom line.

What defines quality commercial lights?

All this talk about quality commercial flood lights may have you wondering: what exactly defines “quality” in this space?

To define it, here are some major points you have to keep in mind when trying to discover the perfect and most optimal lighting technology to implement into your facility:

Is it DesignLights Consortium qualified? Like energy star is for residential lighting, DLC is for commercial lighting products. If a product is not DLC qualified; I’d suggest to avoid it. Typically only LED technology is only listed on the DLC’s website; so this is the reason we suggest LED fixtures highly.

This is really one of the most important points that is a must when defining a quality lighting system. Without being on the DLC, you should not go with the product. Try finding a company that offers products DLC qualified (either standard or premium).

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