Sunday, October 9, 2016

You NEED a LED Prison Lighting System: Here is Why

We all know that prisons and correctional facilities prove to be highly stressful and even that much more dangerous environment for anyone; from visitors, to staff, to the inmates themselves. While lighting won’t solve all of your issues in your facility, it will surely solve some major and minor issues that will lead to cost savings and higher security of everyone in, on, and around the facility.

But why do we NEED LED technology in our prison systems? It’s not a question of do we need, but why we need. As an overlooker of a prison facility, you know that reducing costs, maintaining budgets, all while keeping things safe and secure can prove to be far beyond difficult.

When it comes to your lighting system, the only way you can go is with LED. There is no question about it. But enough about telling you that you need it, we are now going to discuss exactly the reasoning behind this logic, and hopefully will bring light to the situation, along with light to your facility.

Here is the first major reason you should install an LED correctional lighting system as soon as it allows:

Reduce energy usage caused by your lights. In a big facility like a prison, you can imagine the number of lights that it requires to light both inside and out of the entire area. This can make it be one of the most energy intensive things in your facility, and imagine if you could reduce this energy cost just for your lighting alone by 2-3 times.

LED technology is proven to be, on average, 2 to 3 and sometimes even 4 times more efficient than competing technologies like metal halide. Imagine being able to reduce costs associated with running your light fixtures by 2-4 times! This can prove to increase your prisons bottom line, remain within budgets, and realize a return on your investment with LED lighting.

LED products last longer. They last 2-3 times longer than metal halide and HPS luminaires do. This also allows you to reduce costs by less frequent purchasing of new bulbs to replace burnt out ones. Prison lighting in today's world burns out far too fast for an environment like a correctional facility. With LED, you will be able to realize a much longer lifespan by 2 to 3 times longer.

On top of that benefit you also have a huge security and cost benefit: less maintenance. Think about it; what do you typically do when it’s time to replace burnt out lights? You need to secure your facility, ensure people aren’t out where maintenance is, and so on. By reducing the amount of maintenance your lighting fixtures need, you will allow for less chance for things to go wrong. On top of this, since you will be changing out lights less often you will be able to reduce your maintenance costs by not having to pay someone to change the lights as often. Both of these benefits alone prove to be a major reasons why prisons especially make the switch, along with the cost savings LED fixtures will bring to your locked down facility.
No buzzing, no flickering. Unlike HID technologies like metal halide or HPS which are susceptible to buzzing and flickering during their life; LED will never flicker or buzz even at the end of their lifespan. As you probably know, these annoyances can increase stress, especially when you are around them 24/7. On top of all of the other stresses in such environment, any little way to help reduce it can prove to provide indirect benefits; such as less violence and “bad” activity in your compound. Also, since these noises are a major annoyance; they can prove to decrease focus which is especially bad for staff members that need to be alert at all times. Because as well all can figure, anything can go wrong at any time.


From reduced costs to less stress and higher focus; LED technology can and will solve many issues your facility may be facing. Whether you noticed all of things before or not, you now know what you need to work on, fix, and improve to create an overall safer and more efficient correctional facility.

Working on your prisons lighting design and upgrading it with LED will ensure all of these benefits are brought to your facility. Don’t be the one left out with old technology, upgrade and realize all of these benefits that LED products will bring to your facility.

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