Monday, November 21, 2016

Quality Outdoor Flood Lights are a Must

Floor lights for businesses are crucial, especially if you want any chance to be able to be seen at night time. But any flood light won’t cut it; that is, if you want to keep a good image and keep overhead costs associated with your lights low.

We want to talk about why quality outdoor commercial floods are vital to businesses, for both security, durability, and even better curb appeal (which we all know is huge for businesses which rely on foot traffic coming in the door).

Here, let's start the list off with security; a huge topic that is important to every single business out there:

Security is huge. Typically commercial flood lights are used to light up the exterior of a building; a lot of the time strictly for security purposes. This is exactly why we are listing is #1, because security lighting is the main purpose of these lights.

If you have lighting fixtures that are meant to light up your outside, but lack the ability to do so; what good are they? This is the issue with technologies like metal halide or HPS, they slowly lose their light output abilities over their lifespan and thus, slowly becoming less and less of a benefit and more and more of a risk. With technologies such as LED, they don’t lose as much light output throughout their lifespan, and thus even nearing the end of their life they will (most likely) still output proper abouts of light. In turn, your security lights with LED will never become so underlit that they are no longer doing their job.

So is curb appeal. Just as security of your people, customers, and property is important; so is getting people to come into your place of business. Without that, you wouldn't have anything to secure because you’d be out of business. Lights that flicker, buzz, or are underlit can turn people off as it not looking professional. With LEDs, you will never have any of these issues due to the way that they are made. So by converting to LED, you allow yourself to create a better curb appeal for your business, along with achieving all of these other benefits that are listed!

Durability = longer lifespan. We all know cheap things don’t last, and it stays true with outdoor flood lights, no exception. When you go after quality fixtures (talking about the exterior right now), you allow yourself to avoid fixtures that will fall apart after exposure to harsh environments that the outdoors presents. Ensuring that you buy outdoor lights of any kind to be tested and proven to withstand these harsh conditions the environment presents, you will be much better off in the long run knowing that they will last. Better yet, go for a company that will back up their claims and will guarantee they last for 5+ years.

Quality luminaire technology is important too. Everywhere on the web goes back to the fact that LED technology is by far the more efficient lighting technology out there, in nearly every aspect. From longer lifespans, to higher efficiency, to higher quality of light: LED wins. In fact, an LED light could use up to 75% less energy than say, metal halide lights would. On top of that, they are known to last 2-3 or even 4 times longer than other technologies; which allows you to reduce the amount of time you need to switch out burnt out bulbs in your fixtures.

Literally every aspect of LED wins over other technologies, and that is why they are always talked about as the “futures light.

Less energy = less overhead. Like we stated in the previous point, LED uses far less energy than other technologies. For this reason, that is why we define LED as “quality” in regards to the technology itself.

If we said LED will save you 75% in energy usage, which can prove to pay you back (along with all of the other benefits listed here). So why not choose a lighting system that will pay you back and produce an ROI, all while giving you multiple other extremely valuable benefits?


We have done it, we listed all of the major reasons on not only what defines a quality flood light, but also why you need them.

Without quality, you opt-in for higher costs associated with powering your lights, and opt-in for lower sales due to low curb appeal. Both of which, as we know, are no good for businesses. Don’t let your business fall behind simply because of your outdoor lighting system, look into upgrading it!

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