Monday, November 21, 2016

Where are LED Vapor Tight Lights Used

There are tons of applications and environments in which a vapor tight light is needed, or at least recommended. From food grade facilities to garages, the need for vapor tight lights is definitely there.

But why are LED vapor tights the superior technology to use over say metal halide or fluorescent? Here are just a few reasons why a vapor tight LED fixture wins over any other lighting technology by a long shot.

Less energy consumption. LEDs are known to use up to 75% less than other competing technologies, especially metal halide. Even when converting from fluorescent lights you can realize a energy savings of 30% too. This proves LED to be the most efficient technology available on the lighting market today, and it’s one of the major reasons companies are making the switch every single day and realizing the benefits that they bring to any commercial building or space.

Longer lifespans. Longer lifespans allow you to reduce the amount of lights you by when they burn out. By switching to LED, you will be able to reduce luminaire maintenance by 2-3 times! This allows you to reduce costs associated with buying new luminaires, as well as less maintenance costs and fees. This is especially true for those buildings with high ceilings, as lights can get very expensive and timely to switch at higher heights.

Rebates, high quality of light, and more. We think the list could go on and on; and all of these are just a scratch on the surface of why LED wins vs metal halide and really any other lighting technology.

Now let's discuss where exactly these vapor tight LEDs are best used. These are the popular applications that we find LED vapor tight lights:

Parking Garages:
Since parking garages, more often or not, are semi exposed to the elements, a vapor tight light will keep out any moisture or more importantly dirt that would otherwise get into your light fixture and effect its life. By having vapor tights in your parking garage, you will realize longer lifespans and lights that output at proper levels throughout their life.

Industrial Refrigeration:
An often unknown benefit of LED technology is that out perform any other lighting technology in cold temperatures, which makes them the ideal lighting technology for industrial refrigerators and storage. The biggest issue in these types of environments is the buildup of condensation, which is the major reason why vapor tight lights make for the perfect fixture in this type of scenario.

Industrial food processing facilities
The need for a very clean space inside an industrial building which produces and works with consumables is a must. That is why more often than not, often spraying down and cleaning of the lighting fixtures is very common. If you don’t plan for this and don’t install vapor tight fixtures, you are in for some trouble. By having vapor tights you allow for proper cleaning of the fixtures without risking any effect of the light itself.

As you can see, the need for vapor tight technology is there and it’s highly important for many different applications. By installing LED technology ran vapor tights, you also opt-in for the benefits that LED brings to any building, along with the power that vapor tights bring which consists of resisting water, dirt, and dust.

If you are in need of vapor tights, consider LED for your vapor tight solution. Investigate the best options, and find out the true benefits and there entirety that they will bring to your facility.

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