Sunday, December 4, 2016

5 Benefits of Converting to LED High Bays

A lighting system within any building is crucial to the efficiency of the building. With high bays, which are commonly used in high ceiling spaces, they are no exception to the rule and should not be ignored.

The “easy choice” solution to common issues that old and outdated lighting systems bring can all be resolved with LEDs. High energy costs every month? LED can fix it. Flickering or buzzing lights? LED will fix that too. All of that and more can be resolved by converting over to LED high bay fixtures at your facility.

But, enough with short talk about the benefits of the technology; lets go more in-depth about each major benefit that the technology will bring to your facility by upgrading your high bays.

1. Reduce energy consumption by up to 75%. Did you know that the #1 reason companies are converting to high bay LEDs is because of the amount of energy they will save you? By converting away from technologies like metal halide or HPS, you could be reducing energy usage by up to 75%, talk about a lot of energy!

This in and of itself will allow you to pay back your investment, and then some. On top of that, you are not only saving energy and saving money; but you are also gaining all of the other benefits that the technology offers too. Sounds like a win-win!

2. Longer lifespans have two main benefits. Since LED can last longer by up to 2 or 3 times, you will be able to realize two main benefits from the longer lifespan.

For starters, you will be able to reduce the amount of replacement luminaires that you need to buy to replace the old burnt out ones. This itself is a huge reasons alone, but this isn’t the only reason it will save you money.

They also save you money by a reduction in the amount of time you need to pay someone to replace those burnt out lights. This allows you to reduce your maintenance costs, which is an indirect savings related to your conversion to LED. Another win-win!

3. Turn them on instantly. Time is money in business, and waiting for your lights to warm up in today's world is not acceptable. Older technologies such as metal halide and HPS take time to warm up (also known as strike time), but no longer with LED will you have to wait for them to turn off. They will turn on at full capacity as soon as that switch is flipped, allowing you to get the most out of yours lights “on time” and not waste energy just to wait for them to warm up.

4. High Color Rendering Index (CRI). The Color Rendering Index (or CRI) is a measurement of light, 0 to 100, with the higher the rating the higher the color rendering ability. With LED lighting, you will be able to achieve a wider range of CRI and thus, a higher quality of light is produced.

5. They will never buzz or flicker. Have you ever been around flickering or buzzing lights? If so, you know they can be annoying. And with older technologies they are easily susceptible to these annoyances which cause eye strain, distractions, and more; which are no place to be in workplace environments.

LED will never encounter this issue, in short because of the way they are made. So if you want to avoid this issue from ever occurring, convert your high bays (and all of your fixtures) away from those technologies and over to LED.


Finally, we have gotten through the list of 5 major benefits that will come to your facility by converting and upgrading to LED high bay fixtures. Whether you manage or own a warehouse, factory, or really anywhere with high ceilings; the conversion will benefit you in all of the above ways; if not more.

But don’t stop here, keep learning about the technology and high bay products that will best fit your requirements. Anyone can convert to high bay, just go out there and do your research. You will be thankful once you get the conversion done and start realizing all of the benefits of the technology being in your building.

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